Shipping Policy


We offer FREE standard shipping, with no minimum spending requirement. With standard shipping, your items are expected to be delivered within 5-21 business days in the US and most western countries (UK, AU, Canada). Items may take up to 60 days for other regions. Please allow a few extra days for processing. 

Please be informed that we ship globally, from multiple warehouses. If you're items are not stored in the same inventory location, you may get multiple deliveries. In some rare occasions, we may utilize partner relationships to fulfill orders, which may cause a delay to processing times and change the duration of the delivery period. We do this when specific items are in high demand and fulfilment operations are not sustainable for some duration of time. We do our very best to service our customers in a timely manner, however, if unexpected challenges occur, we highly appreciate your patience and understanding. 

For any additional inquiries, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you!